Conference Background Event

While a user is in a conference I would like something to happen in the background on their channel every few seconds. A way to interrupt their conference. Is this possible? If so can someone point me in the right direction?

Many Thanks!

What exactly do you mean with [quote] A way to interrupt their conference[/quote] , dont know if you just want to kick users from a conference take a look to the command " confbridge kick " or AMI action … bridgeKick

I want the user to be able to update certain status related things every so often. Its hard to explain. While they’re within my AGI script this is easy to do but once they are in a conference I lose a lot of control.

IE: The user has some timer set. Every 5 seconds (or so) I want to check that timer and even break them from the conference if needed.

This seems to be something more related to a custom AGI that an Asterisk feature. You will need some kind of script running on background permanently and counting the user’s time in the conference and after the desired time is reached do a logical decision based on your needs.

Thats the problem. Running a timer in the background is easy and works but when the channel is on the conference the script has no affect. I am not able to do any $AGI -> calls.

I think I’ve come up with a solution which is to use cli to set global and other such things.

I wish -q did was it was supposed to do :confused:

asterisk -qx “dial plan set global var value”

still shows output.