ConfBridge - Record Participants Individually?

Good Afternoon,

I’m looking to implement a feature within my asterisk server to record multiple participants to separate audio files. For example: Participants A, B and C enter into ConfBridge 1234, is there a way to record Participant A’s Audio to one File, B’s to another and C’s to another? Resulting in something like “A_{DATE}_{CONF_ROOM}.wav” and so on? Alternatively, can one user on one channel, and the rest on another audio channel? Is ConfBridge even the right way to go with this?

Additionally, the call should stay running with zero to 10 participants connected. I am open to any suggestions.


  1. At least one participant should have a separate audio recording.
  2. The conference should be able to be opened and stay open without any users connected
  3. The conferences should be able to have users added to it when they call in
  4. A user should be able to be called from the box into the conference

Thanks In Advance.

Use local channels, this thread would be helpful Record Confbridge after 2nd ext add in conference!