ConfBridge record_options and record_command not working


If you are able to receive voicemails on your email it means your system is able to send emails, and the reason why you get the voicemail on your email is because it is configured on voicemail.conf file, but it is not the same for Mixmonitor recordings, maybe if you move the recordinds to inbox or new voicemail folder it could work


HINT: invoke ruby script from bash


Thanks, I did eventually :slight_smile: I discovered I needed to install gem mail.


I’m unable to get my dialplan to execute a command after finishing a conference. Here is my dialplan. I don’t get the Verbose message if I hang up. How am I meant to use the System command?

exten => 2234,1,Playback(/srv/asterisk/sounds/tech_conference)
same => n,Progress()
same => n,Wait(0.5)
same => n,ConfBridge(1,tech_bridge,tech_admin,admin_menu)
same => n,Verbose(1, “Tech Conference Recording, ${TOUCH_MIXMONITOR_OUTPUT}.wav”)
same => n,System(/etc/asterisk/email_conference_recording.rb /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/${TOUCH_MIXMONITOR_OUTPUT}.wav)
same => n,Hangup()


if you want to execute any command after the call is terminated you need to use the h extension.


If you want also to execute a command after the conference end, you can use the AMI event ConfbridgeEnd


Is there an example as to how this is used anywhere? All I need to do is run a script with the conference file name as an argument.


If you use the h extension the script will be executed anytime some one hangup, if you use the AMI event you will need to run some script on background who catch the ConfbridgeEnd event and then do any other action you want


I need the script to run only after the admin hangs up. Can you please provide a dialplan example where your System command works? I can run a script after the conference ends by using record_command in the confbridge.conf file but I can’t pass it the the file name and TOUCH_MIXMONITOR_OUTPUT is empty in confbridge.conf.


same=>n,system(php /root/script_write.php ${CHANNEL} ${UNIQUEID})

Well you will need a way to track when and admin entered to your conference and when the adming leaved the conference, using the AMI event ConfbridgeLeave you can do it, if you want to do it from the dial plan instead of AMI it might be a tricky task, depending of your dialplan knowledege