ConfBridge Record Append


I am using Asterisk 10.7 at the moment.
When i have a conference with ConfBridge and have it recorded everything works just fine.
But when the recording is stoped and started again via AMI the recorded file gets overwritten.

How can i change this?

While searching for a solution, i found the actual confbridge-code in repository having a parameter named “record_file_append” which is read from bridge-profile.

Parsed in: … g_parser.c

Used in: … nfbridge.c

	if (ast_test_flag(&bridge->b_profile, BRIDGE_OPT_RECORD_FILE_APPEND)) {
		ast_str_append(filename, 0, ",a");

I did not see any documentation about this parameter. Also he does not have any effect (at least in my version 10.7).

Is this parameter introduced in a later version?
why can’t i find any documentation about this (also not in V 11)?

Do i have any other possibility with my V10.7 to achieve the same goal as with this parameter?

Thanks for your Help


Nobody any help for me? :frowning:

I cannot believe, i am the first one, who uses the new ConfBridge and wants to give the user the opportunity to start / stop recording! :frowning:


I tried it on asterisk 11.5.1 and it will not load confbridge

Looks like a good feature but it doesn’t work.

Perhaps open a bug tracker

Most recent additions use MixMonitor and MixMonitor recording can be paused, rather than stopped.