Confbridge on 18.18.0 with like 122 endpoints

I have a physical Dell R430 running at 2.1G and 64G ram, They use conf bridge to bring in around 122 endpoints.
The CPU spikes and ksoftirq goes to 100%. Running Ubuntu 22.04
Using chan_sip at this point.

What can I tweak to make this system work better and support this 122 endpoints?



Hey Jerry you might want to check to see if you’re getting hacked.
Someone might be “crypto” mining with your machine. I’d check all the logs.

The dsp_drop_silence option on the user in confbridge.conf can help with load from conference bridges. I would suggest using it and seeing.

I do have dsp_drop_silence=yes


I have startmuted=yes for all the 122 endpoints. So should be a oneway - audio - ignore anything coming back.

I would think it should handle it.


Without profiling and understanding the specifics, I wouldn’t be able to say. Any additional “optimizations” for it would be documented in the confbridge.conf.sample file, I’m not seeing anything else specifically. Though do note everything will be done in signed linear, so codec will play a part depending on what you’re using since it’ll all be transcoded.

Mixing itself all occurs in a single thread which is on a single core only.

Hi. - the end devices are are set for ulaw,alaw or gsm. I presume they are using ulaw.
Is there a better codec pick to minimize transcoding ?


No. There is not. You should confirm though, just in case, the negotiated codec.