app_confbridge (SVN) Max load question

I have a couple of questions about maximum capability on the new app_confbridge.

Our current system:
-8 core & 12GB RAM enterprise class server
-MeetMe on Asterisk
-All calls g711, no transcoding

We have had up to 204 callers on the current production system without perfomance issues. It looks like there is more room above that based on the server load statistics.

–Would it be reasonable to expect similar, better, or worse performance using ConfBridge with the same hardware and configuration?

–What if I mixed g722/g711?

–What if I added video support?

I know it’s impossible to make promises, just looking for information on the comparison between MeetMe and ConfBridge.

Has anyone actually taken a system up to 200 callers in confbridge and can share their experiences?




  1. You’ll have better performance from Confbridge than you got from Meetme.

  2. You get the best performance by having everyone connected at the same sampling rate; resampling, e.g. 8kHz<->16kHz burns a not-insignificant amount of CPU. The best thing you can do then is to lock the bridge to the sampling rate that the majority of your participants are going to use - the internal_sampling_rate Bridge Profile option. That way, you’re doing the least amount of resampling. If you’re going to have a bridge with 100 users, and only 2 of them are 16kHz users while 98 are 8kHz users, and you’re concerned about performance, don’t use the “auto” option for the internal rate. Otherwise, once the second G.722 user joins, the bridge will flip to 16kHz and 98 of your users will now be resampling between 8 and 16kHz. I hope this is plainly explained.

  3. Dunno. We’re not processing the video, we’re just pushing it out to everyone who has video enabled, provided the bridge is configured this way.