Confbridge and hints


I’m discovering in [1] that a ConfBridge device state provider exists.

  1. How does it works ?
    Does it change state from Idle to Busy and so on depending on the number of ConfBridge participants ?

  2. What are the main configuration steps to have it working (on Debian powered 13.14.1) ?
    On this box, I’ve got:
    *901@subs : ConfBridge:4444 State:Unavailable Presence:not_set Watchers 0

confbridge list
Conference Bridge Name Users Marked Locked Muted
================================ ====== ====== ====== =====
4444 1 0 No No

At the moment, I’ve not configured any phone to subscribe to this confbridge hint.

[1] Device State - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

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confbridge:<conference name>


ConfBridge:<conference name>

And it will become in use if there are any participants in the conference room. If it is empty then it becomes not in use.

You should obtain support for Asterisk 13.14.1 from Debian, all Asterisk project support for Asterisk 13 ceased this weekend.

Thank you both for replying !

Changing to confbridge: solved the issue !

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