Concurrent calls & max CPU load in Asterisk13/14?

I found Asterisk’s capacity, performance related lots of articles, blogs, questions etc.
My thinking about concurrent call is as below:-

  1. more than thousand sip extension registered & ready to accept call.
  2. At time t1, all get incoming call or dial outgoing call.
  3. At time t2, all started to talking with other party.
  4. If we look in asterisk at t3, we can see more than thousand calls running at same time.

I find out:-

  1. For Maximum capacity usage we have to use high end computers/servers/hardwares. Asterisk’s Capacity/performance is depend on it.
  2. For Maximum capacity usage we have to use very accurate, complex configuration.

But I cant find out anywhere written from Asterisk people:-

  1. Asterisk 13 or 14 support maximum concurrent calls up-to x value in xyz standard hardware (LAB test etc).
  2. Asterisk 13 or 14 support up-to X maxload, after it will crash in xyz standard hardware (LAB test etc).

I cant find out anywhere:-

  1. Yes, I am xyz, & I use Asterisk XX.XX.XX version & it support x value concurrent calls.

I need to know:-

  1. Asterisk support thousands concurrent calls at time t1. (Using necessary best hardware)
  2. If we compare performance/capacity Asterisk along with Freeswitch or kamailio or something other, then as per my study Asterisk will win the race? At least Asterisk not loss the battle!

Need guidance!

Unfortunately, Asterisk will perform differently on different hardware and in different performance scenarios. I’m not aware of any ongoing standard performance benchmarks that are run to provide this information. Usually the stock answer is, benchmark your particular scenarios (as performance is very much scenario specific, especially with everything Asterisk can potentially do) and work off of that.

Sorry about not having a better answer than that. Perhaps someone else knows of some resources that I’m not aware of.

Matthew Fredrickson