Complete list of cfg file options for Aastra phones?

Google hasn’t yielded me a complete list yet.

Haven’t given up, will post if I find one. download the admin guide… it has a pretty good list

I have the admin guide. Unless I’m missing something, the list is FAR from complete.

For instance, look at the guide for 1.4.0 and search on:
“time zone name”

I didn’t think this parameter existed until I found it in a newsgroup post.

i think i’ve built up a fairly comprehensive list … but there may be holes !!


File: “aastra.cfg”

dhcp: 1

missed calls indicator disabled: 1
conference disabled: 0
call transfer disabled: 0
call forward disabled: 1
call waiting: 1
call pickup: 1
ring tone: 3
tone set: UK
stutter disabled: 0
priority alerting enabled: 1
auto resync mode: 3
auto resync time: 02:00

time server disabled: 0
time server1:
time zone name: GB-London
time zone code: GMT
time zone minutes: 60
time format: 1
date format: 0

admin password: 22222
web interface enabled: 1
download protocol: TFTP
tftp server:
language: 0

xml application post list:
xml application URI:
xml application title: Office Phonebook

alert group: 0
alert external: 1
alert internal: 2
alert emergency:3
alert priority: 4

sip mode: 0
sip silence suppression: 0
sip proxy ip:
sip proxy port: 5060
sip registrar ip:
sip registrar port: 5060
sip registration period: 3600
sip digit time out: 2
sip dial plan: "X+#|XX+*"
sip vmail: *1
sip explicit mwi subscription: 1
sip use basic codec: 1
sip out-of-band dtmf: 1
sip dtmf method: 2
sip intercom type: 2
sip intercom prefix code: 6
sip intercom mute mic: 0
sip allow auto-answer: 1
sip proxy ip:
sip proxy port: 5060
sip blf subscription period: 180
sip update callerid: 1[/code]


File: “.cfg”

sip screen name: Aastra 480i <208>
sip auth name: 208
sip password: 208
sip user name: 208

headset tx gain: 0
handset tx gain: 0
handsfree tx gain: 0
headset sidetone gain: 0
handset sidetone gain: 0
handsfree sidetone gain: 0

map conf key to: 8208


softkey1 type:
softkey1 label:
softkey1 value:
softkey1 states:
softkey1 line: 1


only slightly de-fanged !

Heres a few more

missed calls indicator disabled: 1

live dialpad: 1
sip dial plan terminator: 1
sip session timer: 60

sip dial plan: [23]xxx|[6-9]0[1-9]xxxxxxxxx|[6-9]00xxxxxxxxxxxx|x+^

# added for 1.4
sip intercom type: 2
sip intercom prefix code: *56
sip intercom line: 1
play a ring splash: 0
priority alerting enabled: 1
tone set: United Kingdom
sip cancel after blind transfer: 1
sip blf subscription period: 121
sip update callerid: 0
directed call pickup: 1
# Soft keys for 480i
softkey1 type: speeddial
softkey1 label: Pickup
softkey1 value: 66
softkey1 states: idle connected incoming outgoing

A lot of the new features where in the 1.3 and 1.4 release notes.

Also here is the test dialplan for setting ring cadances on the sets.

exten => _*581XXXX,1,Set(_ALERT_INFO=<Bellcore-dr1>) exten => _*581XXXX,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:4}) exten => _*582XXXX,1,Set(_ALERT_INFO=<Bellcore-dr2>) exten => _*582XXXX,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:4}) exten => _*583XXXX,1,Set(_ALERT_INFO=<Bellcore-dr3>) exten => _*583XXXX,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:4}) exten => _*584XXXX,1,Set(_ALERT_INFO=<Bellcore-dr4>) exten => _*584XXXX,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:4}) exten => _*585XXXX,1,Set(_ALERT_INFO=<Bellcore-dr5>) exten => _*585XXXX,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:4})