Communicating Between Two Systems

I currently rely heavily on using global variables within Asterisk. I am wanting to start scaling bigger soon which will be multiple Asterisk servers communicating with one another.

Is there a way for one asterisk system to get/set the global variables of another asterisk system?

Thank you!

What exactly are you using global variables for? There is no built in method specifically to share global variables, but you can use func_odbc to interface with a database and provided the same database is used across servers then the same information would be available.

I use the globals to store relevant information about each port (incoming call) and to provide port -> port communications. My entire project is custom AGI.

I have two Asterisk servers and need to be able to look at information from the remote one. I have used a bash script which uses ssh to run commands on the remote system, in my case to enquire but you could easily use a similar script to set variables.