Passing variables

I’m pretty new to asterisk, so I apologize if I’ve used any of the jargon incorrectly in the following post.
I have a question about passing variables between asterisk instances. I have a main trunk, which accepts incoming IAX2 calls, from multiple different numbers and extensions. I use dundi to then monitor and forward/bridge these calls to a cluster of other asterisk instances, depending on the volume that each instance is experiencing.
Currently, I can view the incoming number (DNID?) on the main trunk instance, through the CLI by using Noop to print out ${EXTEN}, however this number seems to get lost by the time the call makes it’s way to the other instances. I cannot see the number/extension by printing ${EXTEN} from one of the other asterisk instances to which the call has been forwarded/bridged.
There must be a very simple way to forward this information, and if someone could inform me of it I would greatly appreciate it!

Is this really a much more difficult problem? I kind of thought this to be a pretty trivial problem, which I just didn’t happen to know the proper solution for. Perhaps I phrased my question in an unintelligible way?

How can create a new variable when a call comes in, and then pass that variable off to another asterisk instance, where I then access it via fastagi?

How do you forward the calls to the other servers ? As long as you don’t change the CID it should be passed along.

by “asterisk instance” do you mean another server?

If you do then an option avalible to you is to append or prepend the number you want with the varible. IE if the call is for X 1234 and the varibles you want to pass are for example an account code 2222 then to the other server you could send 12342222 and at the other end you break this down again.
I do this and it works fine.


awesome, that did the trick. thanks a bunch!