Command 'core show application swift' failed


I m having asterisk- on CentOS-5. My setup is working fine.

I want to install ceptral voice and app_swift. I have taken the licence of ceptral voice. I have installed it on my system.
I have installed app_swift as well. I have followed the following link :

On my asterisk cli I m getting :

I have recompiled the asterisk-addons and asterisk as well. But no help.

Any Suggestions ?


There indicates that the app_swift module is not loaded.
What happens when you issue the Asterisk CLI command:

If you get an error about ‘file not found’, then the installation of app_swift failed.

Check for any errors during the make or make install steps?

Thank you for your quick reply.

The error was with installation of app_swift.

[quote][root@RD-1 app_swift-1.6.2]# make
make: `’ is up to date.[/quote]

Solution :

[quote]cd /usr/src/app_swift-1.6.2
make clean
make install
Its working now.