Column width with cli command iax2 show registry

I’m trying monitor iax registries using the command:

#asterisk -r -x "iax2 show registry" Host dnsmgr Username Perceived Refresh State N ABCDEFGHIJ 60 Registered N 1234567890 60 Registered
But the column width of the Username is too small.
Most of my Usernames are 22 characters, where the 10 first characters could be equal.

How do I query the registry status with full Usernames ?
I have tried using the Asterisk Call Manager for the query, but it is all the same !

It seems that sip registries have the same problem:

# asterisk -r -x "sip show registry" Host Username Refresh State ABCDEFGHIJKL 105 Registered 123456789012 105 Registered
Is there an other way of showing the registry state?


Reported as bug