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Hi list
since ages I use asterisk compiled from source, last was 18.20.2. One week ago I switched to a new Debian12 server with asterisk 20.5.2 SInce this move, same dialplan and iax/sip configuration, I receive lots of NOTICE like

[2024-01-08 11:35:31] NOTICE[58221][C-0000028a]: translate.c:603 ast_translate: 18182 lost frame(s) 48240/30057 (alaw@8000)->(ulaw@8000)
[2024-01-08 11:35:31] NOTICE[58710][C-00000298]: translate.c:603 ast_translate: 1253 lost frame(s) 1254/0 (slin@16000)->(slin@8000)->(alaw@8000)

I’m surprised to see such notice between alaw & ulaw. Codecs used for PJSIP and IAX customers EP are !all,g722,ulaw,alaw and for providers !all,ulaw,alaw

I checked translation and tried by adding slin16 on both sides (codec slin8 being showed in translation but is in error when added to codec list !), no changes.

What’s the solution to get rid of this apart not logging notice events :wink:


If you’re using the Debian package, then that includes patches which are not present in Asterisk mainline. Those log messages, and some codec translation behavior, is from one of those patches.

I have 2 other servers with the same setup, codecs being !all,alaw and they don’t have this behaviour. Will see with Debian voip team, thanks.

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