Codec Translation between softphone and Asterisk extension

Hello everyone,I have a question about codec translation between softphone and Asterisk Extension,First of all,I am wondering that “is codec order important in softphone ?” and “has it any effect to determine which codec will be selected during operation ?”.To illustrate,

Order in softphone(in terms of codec) -----> a-law,u-law,gsm


Order in Asterisk extension(in terms of codec) ------> gsm,a-law,u-law

When we are processing a dial operation,codec order in asterisk extension is being accepted as valid so I am interrogating what is the reason for that and why order in softphone is not taken as basis,Can anyone explain it ?

Thank u everyone.

It’s currently done that way as deployers generally want to control the codec order on their side, instead of allowing clients to dictate it.

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You mean,order of codec in softphone will never be taken as basis because of these orders should be overriden in asterisk extension,Am I right ?

Yes. The only thing taken into account is the codecs listed.

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