Codec Transcoding

Hi guys,

Need some advise here. I’m trying to avoid codec transcoding as much as possible. But i found out that even with the client using gsm codec the server is still doing codec transacoding from gsm->slin. What do i need to do so that the native,read and write is the same.

– General –
Name: SIP/18188802-090cd888
Type: SIP
UniqueID: 1198050657.10
Caller ID: 18188802
Caller ID Name: SIP Local Test
DNID Digits: 003
State: Up (6)
Rings: 0
NativeFormat: 2
WriteFormat: 64
ReadFormat: 64

Forgotten to mention that we do not have a problem with *-1.2.13 but any version > 1.2.13 you face the transcoding issue