Codec problem?


I have setup a DISA context, in order to reach some features of my PBX.
Now, I tried with my mobile, to reach the server => OK
(Dialing a landline number, which is a voip line (Sipgate))
Dialed my extension and made a phone call via Internet. => communication established !

But The callee couldn’t hear me. I could hear him…

  • Is that a Codec config problem ?

If so, On each declaration of my SIP phones, I have

But in this case ? the mobile is not registered anywhere ? so how can I use GSM codec ?

thanks for your help
Any suggestions would be appreciated


Mobile is not in the picture here because Asterisk only interfaces with your provider. (Mobile only interfaces with your provider and not with Asterisk.)

Have you excluded NAT/firewall as cause? This is the most common.


sorry for my late answer…
Yes, I don’t think that this is a NAT problem…

When I am calling home, I am using a Voip Provider (which gave me a Landline phone number) and I try to make a phone call with another provider.

I suspect that there are not compatible in term of Codecs :frowning:

Thanks for your answer