CLI how to turn off (Remote UNIX connection disconnected)?

When running a command through the linux CLI:

asterisk -r “sip show peers”

a message is repeatedly shown on the cli,

Remote UNIX connection disconnected

which obuscates other activity

“hideconnect = yes” in asterisk.conf seems to have no effect. Any ideas?

In what way is it commercial?

In what way is it email?

In which forums is it frequently mentioned? I’ve monitored this forum for over four years and don’t ever remember it coming up before.

As it is at verbosity 3, it is not true that there is no verbosity setting that will suppress it.

The trunk version, and I suspect the currently supported versions, have a specific option that will disable it. Finding that is left as an exercise for the reader.

You may want to review:

Ah, sorry about that I shouldn’t have labeled it as spam as that is generally a term used to denote emails. Perhaps “unwanted asterisk cli notifications” would have been more appropriate.

I’ve been reading the forum for four years. I usually read it before Digium get in to their office. I don’t recall the topic ever arising. I have never seen postings remove inappropriately.

whoops, the “–” messed up the search, my fault


Search is now working, instead of the conspiracy that you always seem to think is happening sometimes things just need reindexing, as to the remote connecting message, the only person since 2007 at least to mention it is you…

we find it useful tbh