Cisco hardware with Asterisk

Hi All,

I am hoping that it is possible to run Asterisk utilising the following equipment:

1 x Cisco 2811 with PRI card
2 x Cisco 3560 24 port POE switch
40 x Cisco 7941G phones

If some one can point me in the right direction that would be great.

Thanks for you your help!

Should be fine. I would get the SIP firmware for the Cisco phones instead of running sccp. You should be able to get the SIP firmware from your reseller.

Thanks for that - can you give me some guidelines on configuration of getting the whole solution to work - I have never used Asterisk.


Look at the wiki

And read this book

I would suggest you start with a test box and a phone or two before buying everything. Follow the examples in the book and see where it goes. From there you can either decide to move forward on your own or hire the job out.


Already have all the equipment, what sort of cost would be involved in farming out the work? Would you be interested?

not unless your local to Boston, MA!

As a guesstimate of the time I spent to get my 75 extension server configured, tested and rolled out I spent about 3 solid weeks. Granted this was with 1.2 and we had some very special configurations that took a while to implement. My guess is for 40 extensions you could plan on about a week.