Cisco ATA 187

Has anyone had any success with using a Cisco ATA 187 with Asterisk? I have found some links for the ATA 186 and ATA 188, but not the ATA 187. I seen from the End of Life statement from cisco ( … 85199.html) that the ATA 187 is the replacement for ATA 186.

Does anyone have any experience with the ATA 187?

Thanks in advance.


I just wanted to bump this up. I have not had any luck in my searches; looks like I may have to look for a different ATA. Does anyone have any suggested ATA’s? The primary function will be for a fax machine.


I have been successful at registering and being able to recieve calls on this ATA. What does not work is outbound dial plan. Anyone have access to a CallManager system to send me a dial plan in xml format (assuming thats the format) so that I can get this working. Once its up and running I’ll be happy to post the solution…