Cisco ata 186 configuration problem

I am Jamshaid, and i am using asterisk as an open source PBX do demonstrate VOIP as my student final term project. i have succesfully installed and run asterisk along with the dependencies and sucessfully configured and made dialplans of soft phones and ip phones but i am having problems while configuring cisco ata 186 for analog phones.
i have used IVR to give ata 186 all the basic ip adresses, default gateway,subnet mask and i have also disabled the DHCP. i also have given username and secret to UIDO and PWDO through acessing web adress. but cisco 186 IVR is giving responce as configuration failed every time i complete the IVR upgradation . i am stuck here and i dont know what to do. can i have any help here???
Jamshaid Anwar

thank you but i have found the answer.
i forgot to turn on sip registration. its configured and working now. :smile:

Jamshaid Anwar