Cisco 8851 discovery in Asterisk

Hello all!

Stumbling upon Asterisk was a godsend to our bottom line and setup was fairly straightforward. One issue we’re having is connecting a Cisco 8851 that is brand new.

I’m wondering if a license is still required as I can’t get passed the expressway login prompt on the lcd and trying to access the web configuration through its IP address is being refused. I’ve scoured the Cisco documentation and everything leads me to believe that it needs to be configured through Cisco unified communications manager. Can someone confirm this or guide me to the proper method. It looks like my googlefoo has failed me.

I have looked at a few phones that only work with UCM. I believe that one of our networking people found a way to crack the phone to allow web access (it may have been for a Mytel phone, can’t remember). It may not work with that model, but I’ll ask where he found that info. I will say, you may be better off choosing a different model phone (SPA508G or SPA525), or perhaps a different brand (Grandstream).