CISCO 7960 with Asterisk using SCCP

Hello again

I followed directions here … erisk.html to install chan_sccp on Asterisk@home 1.3

and then this … _sccp.html to configure the phone with Asterisk

The phone doesn’t pickup the xmlDefault.CNF and/or SEP.cnf.xml, however if i use the Callmanager “SEP.cnf” and “SEPDefault.cnf” the phone finds the CCM Server after retrieving info from Asterisk Server.

So my question is what is the correct procedure to make this phone work without changing the firmware to SIP?

The current firmware on the phones is P003D310, would this firmware work with Asterisk? or do I need to upgrade to a new SCCP firmware version?

Let me know if I need to post any other information.

Thanks in advance to anybody that might be able to help

Well, it turned out, the phone had a IP conflict with anothe ip on the network. After I changed the IP address it connected to the Asterisk Server.

I didn’t get to play much with it but it seem the most of the functions on the phone didn’t work (the answer, redial, etc)

My goal was to see if asterisk would support the phone without converting the phone to SIP.

Later, if I can get Callmanager 3.0 phones, make calls thru the asterisk server, then I’ll see if Asterisk’s phones can make calls back to Callmanager. At this point I am just experimenting.

Have anybody gotten this setup to work?

[quote=“edpeluffo”]I didn’t get to play much with it but it seem the most of the functions on the phone didn’t work (the answer, redial, etc)

Correct. Many of the features when running SCCP firmware are handled by the CallManager server rather than the phone. Being a closed protocol and having relatively few developers working on chan_sccp/chan_skinny, the SCCP channel drivers for Asterisk implement a very bare minimum of functionality.

If you want fuller functionality at the present time, the options are to convert the phone to SIP or to run a Cisco CallManager server.

Ok, here the current status of this experiment

We succesfully added a H323 Gateway to our CallManager 3.0 that resides in Mexico and were/are able to make calls from CallManager SCCP phones to the Asterisk Server phones in the U.S.; however, we have not been able to call from Asterisk server in U.S. to CallManager phones in Mexico

Here is what we tried:

  1. Adding a Gatekeeper into CallManager and then have Asterisk (and also stand alone softphone) send calls thru the gatekeeper. That didn’t work. The gatekeeper was never found. I am sure we configured something wrong, but not sure what. So we need help with this is this the correct/one of the approaches?

  2. Using the same gateway that is currently working to make calls from CallManager to Asterisk. That didn’t work either.

I found severals threads on and elsewhere that talked about succesfully doing the same thing I am trying to do, but no details as how to doit. So, if anybody can give me a clue as how to do this it would very much be appreciated. I also found information on cisco website detailing how to add h323 gateways and gatekeepeers to CallManager but again no luck.

By the way, the calls that are made from CallManager phones in Mexico to Asterisk server in U.S. were so far of optimal quality, even though the test calls made were from from phones in the U.S. connected to the CallManager Server in Mexico. I was surprised how good they sounded. I even routed some calls to the PSTN using the XP100 clone and they sounded excellent.

Since I seem to be clueless as how to approach this problem, I am not sure what other information I need to provide in order for anybody to help.

I would post results back later regardless of outcome, but would like to make this work

thanks to all in advance

Well it turned out that calls from Asterisk to CallManager 3.0 do work and there seems not to be a need for a Gatekeeper.

I was able to dial a CCM 3.0 connected phone from an Asterisk connected phone just by using this command: