SCCP with cisco phones in a production environment

Hi All,

Does anybody have any experience of implementing SCCP on Asterisk with Cisco phones ?
Would it be a good idea, in your opinion, deploying this in a production environment with less of 100 phones (registrations) ?
I just need basic features. Are troubles expected or not ?
SCCP looks more chatty than SIP, I’m also looking for a guideline about server sizing in an environment like this.

Thanks in advance.

SCCP supports more features against SIP in Cisco phones. But administration of SCCP is harder. Than SCCP suported by Asterisk 1.6.x and earlier. i’ve installed Chan-SCCP 3.1.3 on AsteriskNOW adn updated firmware on my 7960G to SCCP support. But i have gor some problems connecting phone to AsteriskNOW. Can anybody help me?