Cisco 7940 SCCP firmware Image


Im looking to convert my Cisco 7940 phones back to SCCP. I am having a problem with the SIP image regarding transfer and it appears to be a problem with the phones and not asterisk.

I recently got a 7910 which is SCCP only and works perfect with asterisk.

The only problem is, I can’t get the SCCP image for the 7940.

Does anyone know where I can get it from?


You will need to get it from Cisco, and even then it is only available if you have a smartnet contract on that phone. You could try calling Cisco and asking for it, but I doubt they will just give it to you.

-Cheers, Peter.

This link has all the infor for completing you with the process as long as you have the appropriate load files … 4584.shtml


One important piece of information regarding Cisco phone images relates to the image version and authenticity checking. Check your firmware version to see if this applies.

The information below relates specifically to V5 firmware however it applies to all subsequent releases as well.

Cisco IP Phone firmware images now contain a
Cisco digital signature to provide authentication for
improved security. Once firmware version 5.0 is
loaded onto a phone, all subsequent firmware
versions will be checked for authenticity.

Firmware images prior to release 5.0 do not contain
a Cisco digital signature and therefore once version
5.0 or greater is loaded onto a phone, all prior firmware
releases will be rejected.

! This means that you will NOT be able to downgrade the
! firmware to a release prior to 5.0 once 5.0 or greater
! is installed onto a phone.
! Cisco recommends the following procedure
! for upgrading to release 5.3

Upgrading to Release 5.3
When you upgrade to Release 5.3, you will download
a ZIP archive instead of a firmware image file as in earlier releases.
Contained in the archive are the unsigned (.bin) and signed (.sbn) binary

Release 5.3
Release 5.3 is a maintenance release follow up to Release 5.2.
The following issues have been addressed in Release 5.3:

SIP Issues

SIP phone doesnt use the media level contact field

MGCP Issues


Platform Issues



Step 1 Unzip the ZIP archive to extract the binary images and any notes or
readme text files. Read these text files for any special directions
regarding the images.

Step 2 Copy the new images P0S3-xx-y-zz.sbn (signed binary) and P0S3-xx-y-zz.bin
(unsigned binary), where xx is the release major version, y is the release
minor version, and zz is the maintenance number, to the root directory
of the TFTP server.

Step 3 Using a text editor, open the configuration file and update the image version
specified in the image_version variable. The version name in the image_version
variable should match the version name (without the .sbn extension) of the
latest firmware that you downloaded (for example, P0S3-xx-y-zz).

Step 4 Reset each phone.

The phone contacts the TFTP server and requests its configuration files. The phone
compares the image defined in the file to the image that it has stored in Flash memory.
If the phone determines that the image defined in the file differs from the image in
Flash memory, it downloads the image defined in the configuration file (which is stored
in the root directory on the TFTP server). Once the new image has been downloaded, the
phone programs that image into Flash memory and then reboots.

For additional release 5.3 information
see the admin guides and release notes located: