CISCO 7940 help!

I have bought a Cisco phone with the following version



As I understand this is the default firmware… Obviously I need to upgrade this… where can I obtain the upgrade firmware I need so I can use it as a SIP phone. I have downloaded 8.0 and put it in the tftp root dir for upload however the phone keeps looking for the old firmware!

Any help would greatly be welcomed!

Many thanks


Have you taken a look here: … cisco+79xx

indeed I have.

However it dosent really explain where to get my firmware from. I have been on the cisco website but depending on the firmware loaded into the phone you have to download and upgrade the phone step by step. Anyone offer any help on this

you can’t have searched very hard … … -phone7960 … hp?p=17396

the 7960 and 7940 use the same firmware don’t they ?? and of course, you’ll already have the valid support contract with Cisco don’t you ? :smiley: