Cisco 12sp+ configuration

hello everybody!

i have a cisco 12sp+ that i want to run with asterisk.
what i already know is that i need the firmware image P002L2J2.bin (that i already have) and the configuration file SEPDefault.cnf, which i do NOT have.
the information i found with google about it is conflicting.
it is a fact that it is a binary file that contains the address of the pbx and the port number.
some sources say that the file has a fixed length and that the server address has to be a ip address. other sources say that the file is of variable length and the server address can be a fully qualified domain name.
there are some manuals on how to MODIFY an existing SEPDefault.cnf, but where do i get this file so that i can modify it?
because of that i searched a way to create such a file from scratch and found 1 c program and 1 perl script that should do that job. after some modification i got the c program working, but the result differs from what i found in other documentation and the perl script does not work at all (but i do not have any perl skills, so maybe i do something wrong).

does anybody have detailed information on that topic?

thanks in advance for your help and
kind regards



I just got a 12SP+ to register and receive calls. I just need to work out why I cannot dial…anyway,

Has the info you need on creating the SEPDefault.cnf file.