Choppy sound over PSTN

I have a feeling this is related to my digium card. I recently switched from 2 TDM400’s to 2 TDM800E cards, as our office was expanding. There is no hardware issues with the system. asterisk is running on slackware 12.2. I have asterisk 1.4.22 on an AMD6000+ 4GB ram on a tier2 T1, 12 lines are coming off the ISP router as pots/PSTN and QoS is handles by the ISP’a cisco 2801. Prior to now we had 8 lines and no issues.

Since the installation of the new cards outgoing and incoming calls are experiencing choppiness to the point of whole words being dropped.
The happens during periods of both high and low network loads so I don’t think it is network related. zttest says timing at 99.9+ percent and fxotune -d -b is less that 2 percent on all channels. The choppiness is on all channels so it is not isolated.

Silence suppression is off on all phones

Any Ideas would be much appreciated. !!!

If anyone needs more information just let me know

Gary Menke

More INFO. After further investigation I have determined that the chopiness in only on the internal side. If I make a call from the office out the person I am talking to gets chopped up, however they ca hear me perfectly fine. It does not matter which side the call is initiated on.