Choppy Calls

We are running asterisk and we have people stating that the calls sound choppy. We are running Ulaw and asterisk 1.4.2 running CentOS 4.5 running kernal 2.6.9.

System load is very low never hitting above 10% on processor or mem. we have 15,000 rpm scsi and its on a gigibit network.

It happens when they call outside lines and a few say even inside the network. We also have reports of 1 or 2 dropped calls.

Only the people on the other end of the call can hear it we can not.

Is this over the PSTN? SIP? IAX2? If VOIP, what kind of outbound BW do you have?


As asked is this PSTN or IP calls ?

are calls being transcoded ? sip show channels etc should give you an idea


Its PRIs and SIP.

What does zttest show ?

If you’re using a pci card, make sure the card isn’t sharing interrupts. If so, move it to another slot and see if that helps. In Linux, you can look at the /proc/interrupts file to see if any other devices are sharing the IRQ. I’ve seen this with cards sharing IRQs with hard disk controllers.