Choppy audio on confbridge

We are using Asterisk 15.4.0 with confbridge and SRTP. What we notice is that every so often in a conference, the speaker’s voice becomes choppy seemingly without any network issues. There may be a pattern where the voice is choppy and not understandable while the person speaks and talk event is on, but as soon as the talk event triggers to off, and then the person starts talking again, the choppiness goes away.

These are the options we use in confbridge.conf with these being primary ones and rest are defaults:


Has anyone experienced this problem? Are these some suggestions on how to diagnose this problem further, especially since we can’t reproduce it on demand?


have you monitor server resouces wih top command when the voice it is degrataded

Thanks for the reply. I have done that, but have not seen anything unusual. In fact, the server is fairly idle both when it occurs and when it doesn’t.

Has anyone had any experience with changing these timers to solve these kinds of problems? Does this still apply to Asterisk 15.4?