ChanSpy Playback problem

Hy everyone!

I have a little problem with ChanSpy. I would like to playback an audio file into a channel, but it doesn’t work. I got these warning messages:

[quote][Nov 11 10:39:28] WARNING[28940][C-00000075]: channel.c:5303 set_format: Unable to find a codec translation path from (slin192) to (gsm)
[Nov 11 10:39:28] WARNING[28940][C-00000075]: file.c:1014 ast_streamfile: Unable to open /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/… (format (slin192)): No such file or directory
[Nov 11 10:39:28] WARNING[28940][C-00000075]: app_playback.c:480 playback_exec: ast_streamfile failed on Local/1003@spy-0000000a;1 for /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/…[/quote]

The audio file path is correct, but I can’t figure out what does the first warning mean.

Has somebody any idea what’s wrong? How can I fix it?


I call the ChanSpy with originate (Ast11):

... same => n,Originate(Local/${CALLEE}@spy,app,Playback,/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/...)
The Originate command is correct. The connection is created.

It means that Asterisk does not know any sequence of installed transcoding modules which will get from the, rather unusual, first codec to the second one.