Asterisk is not sending RTP Packets when whispering via ChanSpy


i want to Playback audio on a channel with ChanSpy. I am getting no error Messages in the CLI.
Already checked with ‘rep set debug on’ if asterisk is sending RTP Packets, but that is not the case.

CLI output:
Called playback1@ivr
– Executing [playback1@ivr:1] Answer(“Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;2”, “”) in new stack
– Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;1 answered
– Executing [7012@ivr:1] Answer(“Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;1”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [7012@ivr:2] ChanSpy(“Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;1”, “PJSIP/8001,qw”) in new stack
Spying on channel PJSIP/8001-00000004
– Attaching spy channel Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;1 to PJSIP/8001-00000004
– Attaching spy channel Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;1 to PJSIP/8001-00000004
– Executing [playback1@ivr:2] Wait(“Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;2”, “4”) in new stack
0x7fcafc01c510 – Strict RTP learning complete - Locking on source address XXXXXXXXXXX:4010
Executing [playback1@ivr:3] Playback(“Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;2”, “welcome”) in new stack
– <Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;2> Playing ‘welcome.slin’ (language ‘en’)
– Executing [playback1@ivr:4] Hangup(“Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;2”, “”) in new stack
Spawn extension (ivr, playback1, 4) exited non-zero on ‘Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;2’
Done Spying on channel PJSIP/8001-00000004
== Spawn extension (ivr, 7012, 2) exited non-zero on ‘Local/playback1@ivr-00000003;1’

I tried my setup with AMI,AGI and with Originate in the Dialplan but could not solve my problem.

Has anybody a Hint for me.

Please explain why you want to do this, as it is not a normal use of ChanSpy and I don’t really want to have to work our what you are trying to do.

have you cheked where it is a statefull firewall issue
can you check on asterisk where it try to send rtp or not

Hi Mark,

i have used the ‘rpt set debug on’ command to check wether asterisk is sending rtp packets or not.

When I use Playback normally on the channel as Dialplan application then asterisk is sending RTP packets.
But when I try to whisper the Playback over a Local Channel with ChanSpy then asterisk is not sending RTP Packets out. So I guess I don’t have firewall issues.

Is there any output in the CLI where I can see if whispering is possible now

Hi David,

i am trying to do multiple Task on one SIP Channel in parallel to build an IVR without DTMF.

Asterisk has to be doing something that is sending audio in order for whisper to work. For example a Wait won’t do it, while a Playback will. It hasn’t been stated here what PJSIP/8001 is doing at the time of whispering.


I had put PJSIP in Wait.

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