Changing voicemail email format to HTML


I’m trying to find out which file generates the email that is sent out with the voicemail attachment to end users. We want to make this adhere to our company communication policy and we need to convert it to HTML.

I’ve found a few old forum posts but the files they mention don’t exist in my 1.8 install here.

Does anyone know which file generates the VM end user email?



You need to edit the app_voicemail.c using the native asterisk way, otherwise you need to use an external script to convert to an HTML format.

You can check some information I posted before here … ra-el.html Google’s Translation tool on below the title.

If you only need to edit the text in the e-mail, you can edit the parameters “emailsubject=” and “emailbody =” in voicemail.conf. If you need to use HTML in the e-mail, navaismo already gave you two ideas that are good.