Changing Queue MOH

Hi Experts,

Let me explain the scenario,

I have agents defiened in the agents.conf
I have 3 queues defined in the queues.conf
Sip phone defined in the sip.conf
And the dialplan configured accordingly in extension.conf
Agent will logged in and waiting in the queue. The moment agent enter in the queue, there is a default moh is played. Probably this is asterisk dafault behaviour. I want to change it to silent when agent enter in the queue. It is not practical in callcenter environment where agent hearing moh.

How to achieve the above ? I have tried doing musicclass set to none but it doesnot help. Any suggestion ?


The music the AgentLogin agents hear is controlled by a parameter in agents.conf. If you are not using AgentLogin, you need to to be more specific about your configuration.

Hi David
Thanks for your response.

Below I given the configurations:

agent => 2001,4321,Test1
agent => 2002,4321,Test2


member => Agent/2001
member => Agent/2002

member => Agent/2001


exten => 27,1,AgentLogin(2001)
exten => 28,1,AgentLogin(2002)

exten => 29,1,Queue(queue1)
exten => 30,1,Queue(queue2)

So, when agent login using 27 OR 28, they will hear agent login prompt and loginok message which is perfect. Then agent waiting for call in the queue while playing MOH music. I want to change this MOH music to silent or none which is quite practical in call center environment.

Thank You

You need to configure that in agents.conf.

The documentation for all the configuration files is in the sample versions of them supplied with the source and installed by make samples.

Thanks david. I got it.

Hi diganto,

I am facing the same issue.

david55 have suggested configuration file changes, I am facing difficulty to fix it. So, can you please elaborate the changes you have done in the configuration files. :cry:


Hi Shahul

What I did I put a silence recording in moh directory and then define the the music class in the agent.conf. Ofcourse you can do without silence recording but u will encounter error in the asterisk console.

Thank You

Thanks a ton diganto. I really appreciate your help. it solved my problem. Thanks again. :smiley: