Changing channel identification in call proceeding of LIBPRI

Hi every body,

I need your help for a big problem about asterisk communication with a switch of a telco provider. The link is a E1 link.

After some investigations I realized the telco’ switch doesn’t work properly for incoming call(when asterisk receive a call) on ISDN channel 24 to 31: for a SETUP message sent from the telco’s switch with a “channel ID”: 24 the telco’s switch break the communication and I have to restart my equipments to make things work again.

So I want to isolate all the channel in between 24 and 31 of the E1 link but I don’t see how to do that.

I saw in the Q931 ISDN documentation!!PDF-E&type=items that we can specify in the Q931 “CALL PROCEEDING” message type another channel on which we want to receive the call is it possibile in asterisk if yes how to do it also if you have another solution to do this let me know please.