Asterisk pri did line problems

we have a 30 channel pri line. install asterisk and i use the cisco router with e1 card for pri lines. outgoing call and incoming call work correctly.

my problem is if i call the gsm phone from 6010 extension than gsm phone displayed calling number X XXX XXX 6000 how i fix this problem ?

number range assigned by telecom (XXX 6000 - XXX 6030)

If I understand correctly, you should be asking Cisco. If the card isn’t in the Cisco product, you should ask the card vendor.

However, are you sure each channel has a separate directory number, as against your having a 30 line trunk with 30 DID numbers that can be used over any channel.

The PSTN provider may well be the real stumbling block.

card is cisco product and i think this: problem asterisk sending four digits. i prefix three digits to asterisks sending four digits number how i can this ?

also i research your estimates.

im sure 30 DID numbers used any channels.

You can set CALLERID(num) to anything you like, if the underlying technology and service provider can support it. Functions are treated like variables, so you can use the same “:” sub-string operator as you would use when stripping the outside line prefix from a number.

In certain cases you may have to set CALLERPES() as well ( ) but I think that is only necessary if the B leg has signalled anonymity.

You still haven’t explained how you get from Asterisk to the card.

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thanks. i fix the problem. problem source is cisco router :slight_smile: i write this codes to router and it’s work:

voice translation-rule 1
rule 1 /^6(…$)/ /PrefixNumberIsHere\0/
voice translation-profile OUT
translate calling 1

dial-peer voice 3 pots
translation-profile outgoing OUT
preference 1
destination-pattern .T
port 0/0/0:15
forward-digits 11