Change to email notifications Subject line

Sometime this Wednesday Dec 20th, we’ll be changing the “Subject” header on notification emails sent from the forums. Today, they look like this…

[Asterisk Community] [Asterisk/Asterisk Dialplan] Topic subject

…which is nice except that the site name and category take up so much space that it’s hard (or impossible) to see the actual topic subject, especially on mobile devices. So, we’ll be reversing the order and placing the topic subject first followed by the site name and category.

Topic subject [Asterisk Community] [Asterisk/Asterisk Dialplan]

If you’re filtering mail based on the subject you should still be OK since most filters look for keywords anywhere in the subject. To be honest though, you should really be filtering on one of the following headers anyway:

From: <>
X-Discourse-Category: Asterisk/Asterisk Dialplan
List-ID: Asterisk Community | Asterisk Asterisk Dialplan <>
Feedback-ID: asterisk:mailing_list:discoursemail