Change queue name showed on telephone display when ring

I use Asterisk 18 with PJSIP and Realtime. I would like to know if is possible change the queue name showed on display when ring a queue. I work with Asterisk as multitenant and need to manage 2 different customers with the sames queues names, as example sales, general, etc…

The idea is that in the database uses an independent ID for each queue as a number, but when call the queue application on the dialplan change the name showed on the telephone display for the final user.

I haven’t found anything built-in which does this… do you have dialplan or something that does so?

I looked at the code for connected line manipulations, in app_queue, and it looked to me as the though the natural behaviour is to show the agent’s connected line ID, not the queue name, so I’d, provisionally, agree that, if it is showing the queue name, that is because of something your customisation is doing (your customisation includes any GUI you may be using).

in your dialplan , if you do a
the queue will honor it and show it to agent,
now the other side of the coin is, you need to use something to set this NAME programmatically,
but that I guess you already know how to do

Really my dialplan was changing the queue_name, thank all for the help.

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