Change IP address newbie

I know this may be basic but like the subject says…newbie

I am still learning how to use all the features.

I set up my Asterisk B.E. with DHCP and now I know better… were do I change this config for the linux distro that comes with B.E.


After install and some learning I think this is a great product. It replaced a very outdated PBX and is stable on the first try. (6 lines 8 ext.)

B. E.?

Most linux distro’s have their IP Configuration in “ifconfig”

In asterisk… don’t think it really cares that much…

don’t seem to recall it having to know any IP Addressing short of where’s the database and what not… that would be localhost in my case.

Hi Thanks for the reply…

B.E. is Business Edition

I just want to change the Aserisk server IP address to a static IP and not keep the dhcp address it has now.

I am new to * and I installed the Business Ed. from the ISO that shipped with it. Thinking I would be installing this more than once to learn it I did not set a static IP as I do with all my servers. Much to my surprise I got it to work on the first install. I have seen redhat that uses netconfig but that does not work with this server.

You’ll have to find someone who’s familar with that distro…

Most linux distro’s have a common ip ultility or tool… sorry I wasn’t much help.

With Redhat type distros you should find a file called something like /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0. This has the network config for eth0. You can change this from dhcp to static.

For example:


would change to:


Or something similar.

Thanks for the reply… I will try this