Change from asterisknow 1.0.2 to Ubuntu with Asterisk-Gui

I have been using AsteriskNow for a long time now, and I am use to Asterisk-Gui, I tried upgrading to 1.5, but I really don’t like the FreePBX Gui, so I rather install my own Asterisk from the scratch with AsteriskGui.

My setup is:
Ubuntu 9.04
Dahdi Linux
Dahdi Tools
Asterisk Gui 2.0

I posted an installation manual that I compiled with the setup above, but I would like to complete it, and at the mean time fix some issues with my installation, I researched the AsteriskNow 1.0.2 installation and it installs:

The following:

Asterisk Base:

  • Group-asterisk
  • Group-dist


  • Alsa-lib
  • Asterisk-alsa
  • Asterisk-configs
  • Asterisk-curl
  • Asterisk-g729a
  • Asterisk-gui
  • Asterisk-h323
  • Asterisk-ISDN
  • Asterisk-ogg
  • Asterisk-OSLookup
  • Asterisk-sounds
  • Asterisk-speex
  • Asterisk
  • bc
  • curl
  • Fxload
  • libogg
  • libpri
  • libusb
  • libvorbis
  • libxml2
  • libxslt
  • lm_sensors
  • mISDN-modules
  • mISDN
  • mysql
  • Net-SNMP
  • newt
  • Openh323
  • OpenLDAP
  • PCUtils
  • Perl-DBI
  • Perl-TIME-HiRes
  • Perl
  • Polycom-Firmware
  • Postgresql
  • pwlib
  • slang
  • speex
  • TCP_wrappers
  • USB Utils

What I wanted to know if which of this are necessary?, which are not? and which are missing? I am kind of a newbie, so I would like to contribute to people like me that usually gets stock on this type of problems, I feel that I always take information but almost never post solutions, so this is why I am doing this.

Thanks for your help!!!