Change dialplan via phone

Is there any way i can change between 2 or more dial plans by dialing extension form a phone?

It is almost certainly possible, but i’m not sure exactly how.

Perhaps this is the best method? Didnt research much. … nyone-help

exten => 9112,1,Answer() exten => 9112,2,Authenticate(2158) ;get the password 2158 exten => 9112,3,Set(DB(SIP/${CALLERID(number)/context)=outrt-001-Dummy) ; now change context to prevent anything but internal ext calls exten => 9112,4,System(/usr/sbin/asterisk -rx "module reload") ;refresh all settings exten => 9112,5,Playback(goodbye) exten => 9112,6,Hangup

Also refering to it as a Context instead of Dialplan may help your search results.