Chan_sip vs pjsip

Hello everyone,

I have a quick query about the comparison between the chan_sip and pjsip channels. Currently, I’m operating Asterisk 11 using chan_sip, and the system, equipped with 4CPUs and 8GB RAM, can handle 70-80 concurrent calls (20% transcoded). If I were to transition to pjsip with Asterisk 16, what improvements could I anticipate, and to what extent?

Unlikely to have any difference on concurrent calls from a PJSIP perspective, as they use the same media stack and once a call is set up there is not a ton of involvement from PJSIP. As well, Asterisk 16 is end of life.

Is there anyway i can use rtpengine for media, this way i can easily bypass asterisk media stack. Asterisk just as a signaling.

If you’re asking if there’s a built in way to do that, no. There is the “direct_media” option to allow media to go directly but conditions have to be right for it (no NAT, no encryption, same codec, nothing in Asterisk needing the media).

Thank you.