Chan sip unappropriated symbols during the invite call

Hello team,
Im having issue from few days, already. During the invite process chan_sip adding unappropriated symbols ('"\"\"" <sip:) on the sip header and most of the calls has been rejected from the sip providers. That warning msg Im getting from the CLI:

[Nov 12 09:17:56] WARNING[18881][C-00092d33]: chan_sip.c:23031 handle_response_invite: Received response: “Forbidden” from ‘"""";tag=as548ca6d3’
Is it looks familiar to some of you? Any advise will be helpful, thank you and have a nice week.

Which SIP header? Out of context it is not certain that there is anything wrong, so please provide the complete set of sip headers, marking them as preformatted text, so that the forum doesn’t mangle them.

What did you change in your system in the last few days.?

What did the service provider change in their system in the last few days?

I fix the problem, it comes from the SIP provider, anyway. Thank you.