Chan_sip Stops Processing

Hi Everyone,

We are also facing same issue where the Asterisk stop processing the calls and we could see that there is a huge backup in the UDP Recv Q.

Can any one please help if is there any solution for this issue ? we are using Asterisk 12 and using the chan_sip

What i observe is,
This is usually happens, when sip thread is kind of stuck, for somethings. this happens when its trying to resolve DNS but DNS is responding with delay.Asterisk also try to resolved OS hostname.
Hence we resolve OS hostname in /etc/hosts, and other domains which may cause this issue.

Neither Asterisk 12 or chan_sip are supported. You should really upgrade to a currently supported version.

please upgrade to asterisk 18
witch still have chan_sip

If you want to continue using chan_sip for some reason, why not Asterisk 20?

At least the core Asterisk system is then supported for longer, even though
chan_sip itself is not.


because asterisk 18 is the only version where chan_sip is still support
as it has been removed from newer versions

I thought it was still available in 20 (LTS) but not in 21?


hmm, have not been testing 20
if the module is still in 20 then yes please upgrade to 20

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