chan_sip Error in codec string when SAVPF protocol used


When I’m try to make call, the following error message may appear:
WARNING [17554]: chan_sip.c: 8341 process_sdp: Error in codec string ‘F 99’ and no call.

On Asterisk 1.6 no error occurred, and audio calls were fine (without video). Bug appeared when upgrading to version 1.8. Asterisk works with hardware videophone Motorola OJO-1000. Phone uses AVP protocol for audio and SAVPF for encrypted video. Tried to install different versions of asterisk, 1.8.4-rc2. Looked at the logs, the error appears when trying to determine the video protocol from SDP “m = video 5010 RTP / SAVPF 99” in module chan_sip.c. It is bug or the asterisk does not support SAVPF protocol?

Thank you. Sorry for my english, I’m from Russia.

How did you get the Ojo to connect with Asterisk?

Asterisk doesn’t know what to do with SAVPF.