chan_sip.c:10423 process_sdp: Rejecting secure video stream

Hi Asterisk experts.

I am using jssip with asterisk 11.4 wirh SRTP. (web socket enabled as ws://XXX.XXX.XX.XX:8088/ws

I can make audio call and text chat smoothly. whenever trying enable the video i am getting bellow error from asterisk CLI.

[color=#BF0040]chan_sip.c:10423 process_sdp: Rejecting secure video stream without encryption details: video 17016 RTP/SAVPF 100 116 117[/color]

I have found there jssip all javascript are ok and there nothing need to do with the TLS. How i can solve in atsrisk ? Please help.

I’m having the same problem from a couple of weeks ago, i don’t find any solution, webRTC guys say that they only support RTP/SAVPF as video profile, so I hope Asterisk work in a solution for this problem, I’m going to start working with Kamailio while this problem is solved. I hope that this will be solved, I love Asterisk and this is a blocking issue to continue developing.
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