Chan_mobile callwaiting and musiconhold


I’m using chan_mobile to connect to Asterisk a mobile phone using bluetooth. It works good.

This is how it looks :
SIP Phone <=SIP=> Asterisk Box <=chan_mobile,bluetooth=> Mobile phone

But I’m not able to :

  • to answer from Asterisk (SIP Phone) to a second incoming call coming from mobile. When a second incoming call is coming, I just hear a tone (the same that I hear on my mobile if I get a second call). There is no indication on the Sip phone.

  • to put a mobile call on hold from Asterisk (SIP Phone). When I put an call on hold, neither the call is put on hold on the mobile (“mobile rfcomm MOBILE_DEVICE AT+CHLD=2” isn’t send) nor the music on hold is played. There’s just no sound. Further informations on : Chan_mobile and music on hold

Does someone have any idea ?

Best regards,