the chan_cellphone is about seting the bluetooth server side
but in the documents about it i dont see anything about the client side
as i see we should have some ctp profile or somathing like that for
it to work … dose any one try it or know about the client side in this project


there’s ample in the documentation david has released with the patch, and he’s very helpful via email.

what are you expecting to connect with it apart from a bluetooth phone ?

can you please point me to the documents …
and my interest is only in connecting by bluetooth


?? the patch itself creates /usr/src//configs/cellphone.conf.sample and /usr/src//doc/cellphone.txt

and there’s a cellphone.txt in the entry on

i read this document … it only speek about the server side !
what about the client … the cell phone … ? don’t we need a ctp profile ?
and if so can anyone post an example … my cell phone is nokia 6111
it’s S40 platform


did you really read the document ?

[quote]*CLI> cell search
Address Name Usable Port
00:0F:86:0E:AE:42 Daves Blackberry Yes 2
00:12:56:90:6E:00 LG TU500 Yes 4
00:17:44:55:66:12 Toaster No 0

This is a list of all bluetooth devices seen and whether or not they are usable with chan_cellphone.
The Address field contains the ‘bd address’ of the cell phone. This is like an ethernet mac address.
The Name field is whatever is configured into the phone as its name.
The Usable field tells you whether or not the devices supports the Bluetooth Handsfree Profile, and
if so which ‘rfcomm port number it uses’. If this field is ‘No’ (like Toaster in the example above) then
the device is not usable.

the rest of the cellphone.txt file tells you about setting up a pinhelper script etc etc. what more do you need ?

sorry but something is not clear to me …if i want to use my cell phone
and make a outside call… my cell phone will be connect with bluetooth protocol to the pbx gw (asterisk ) … that is the big picture … but
to be able to use my cell phone in that way … as i understand i must use ctp profile … not currently exist in my phone and in most of the devices that i know … so how can you make the call ?


according to dbowerman, the developer, you need Bluetooth Handsfree Profile capabilities … i have no reason to disagree with him.

to see what your phone supports use

sdptool browse at a shell prompt (assuming you have the bluez stuff installed)

looking at the bug report, version 8 of the patch should be where you start. have you tried this yet ?

thanks for the answer …but … i need to Clarify something
acorrding to the headset profile … /k6_hp.asp
there is now dial option from the cell phone .that in this case act as a
headset …also in cellphone.txt :

“To make outbound calls, add something to you Dialplan like the following :- (modify to suit)
Pick up a SIP phone and dial 9 and the call vill go via the device ‘dave’ in

the use of dialplan & sip phone dose not seem like the cellphone is making the call (dial)


how not ? chan_cellphone is a channel driver to Asterisk, so it’s available for incoming and outgoing calls.

simply, chan_cellphone is acting as a bluetooth headset to your phone(s), with the addition of being able to initiate and dial outgoing calls.

have you tried it yet ?

Do I have to have regular .c file in order to make the patches work that are found on the bugs.digium site ? If so, where do I find it ? Help ! Not sure how to get this running.

I was able to answer my own question by finding it on a spanish site.

put the patch file in the /usr/src/asterisk dir

#patch -p0 -i chan_cellphone.patch

Where the .patch is whatever is the latest patch.