Cepstral Voices to work with Weather AGI Script

I have both Festival and Cepstral voices working, but I am having a problem on converting the Weather AGI Script that uses Festival’s TEXT2WAVE to use Cepstral’s SWIFT program.

Has any body converted this script to use the CEPSTRAL VOICES.

I did download and am using the CEPSTRAL FESTIVAL-WRAPPER, but I would much rather use the the SWIFT program withing the script to get a much better funcitionally.

No reply needed, I modified the script and it is working great.



Hey Larsonc -

Can you share how you did this…? I have been working on it, but I keep getting an error about an unexpected freequency

May 6 23:17:32 WARNING[29659]: format_wav.c:169 check_header: Unexpected freqency 16000

Here is what I did:

my $execf=$t2wp.“swift -n Millie -m text -o $wavefile -f $sounddir/say-text-$hash.txt”;

Any help would be appreciated.



I would love to kno whow to do this as well,