Cepstral via Asterisk-Java

I’m setting up Asterisk to deliver notification messages to our users. I’d like to use the Cepstral TTS engine and I’d like to interface to Asterisk via Asterisk-Java.

I’ve installed Asterisk successfully, setup Broadvoice successfully, setup Ceptral successfully, and created both a FastAGI test application and a Manager API test application to attempt to place an outbound call via Asterisk-Java and read the notification via the Cepstral TTS engine.

I’m stuck though on getting Cepstral TTS engine to work during the outbound call to render the notification message as audio.

With the FastAGI test application, I did try extending Asterisk-Java to have a SwiftCommand class to send a FastAGI command to Asterisk but couldn’t figure out how to extend Asterisk to have a “SWIFT” FastAGI command.

With the Manager API test application, I tried creating a cepstral.agi in /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/ and using an AgiAction to invoke it but could not get this to work either.

Before troubleshooting either technique above, what is the easiest way to add the Cepstral TTS output to outbound calls (the message is dynamic – it is different for each notification)? Use FastAGI? Use the Manager API? Use something else?

Thanks in advance, I just started using Asterisk in the last few days and am still climbing the learning curve.